World's most advanced
water generating and
recycling unit in one

Most effective and competitive solution for
residential and commercial spaces

Our focus

Today the selective urban waste collection is no longer disputed as a means towards recycling our waste. And yet we don’t realize that our «all-to-the-sewer» sanitation system follows the same «all trash to the garbage» logic. 80% of wastewater flows back into the ecosystem without being treated: our rivers are being polluted, groundwater is depleted and contaminated with nitrates. In 30 years 40% of the global population will live in «water-stressed» areas.

The current system is the result of water planning by looking in the rear-view mirror. It threatens freshwater reserves, the environment, and global food production.

Way forward

The past is no longer a guide to the future. Water is not a cheap resource anymore and wastewater is not disposable. Saving and recycling wastewater is #1 way to protect and sustain Earth’s water and our health. Household and commercial greywater treatment not only reduces your water bills but can save more than 10 000 billion liters of freshwater annually, which is enough to take care of waterless regions across the world.


QLNZ offers the world's most advanced water generating and recycling unit combined in one

Qlnz is the right solution for residential and commercial needs.

Qlnz advantages

Saves and generates water

Recycles water 5 times

Reduces your water bill

Cheapest water compare to any generating source

Safe, clean, disinfected, and healthy water

No filters

No chemicals

Automatic and low maintenance

Innovative technology

Energy efficient

Compact, portable and stylish design

Plug and play technology

Smartphone App

Cost-effective product

Can scale capacity quickly

Patented Technology

Reduces wastewater discharged

Reduces drinking water consumption

Reduces families' municipal water usage by 90%

Enable regulatory compliance

Contribute to obtaining certifications for green buildings

Generate a stable and reliable supply

Reduces carbon and water footprint

Why recycle

Water consumption wouldn’t be the problem if water, which covers 70% of our Planet, would be drinkable. But it’s not. 99% of Earths’ water is unusable or unavailable and only 0.3% is fresh drinking available water. Our wastewater thrown in the sewage goes into the rivers and oceans and comes back as rainfall. But that’s a rhythm. And we consume much faster than nature can reproduce.

We have no choice but to change it right now.

Target Market


Residential homes

Individual homes, residential apartments



Corporate offices and office complex with large employee base


Commercial establishments

Hotels, Clubs, Restaurants, Shopping malls


Government / Public spaces

Railways, Airports, Museums, Parks and other Public spaces

Meet our Team

We are an international team from US, Germany, and Russia that met up in an International city Auroville (South India). We’ve been very passionate about the environment, sustainability, and future of the world.

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